Workshops & Seminars

If you wish to pursue your profession in the field of digital marketing, then it does not count whether you are a student or an entrepreneur- you can excel with proper guidance. Even though it is needed for marketing existing products or a new launch; Digital Marketing plays a very important role in the present scenario.

Several industrialists and PR managers never actually try to go through digital marketing form; still, it is one of the quickest evolving areas of any business. It has led businesses to unexpected and remarkable transformations. Keeping your knowledge updated to date is an important success determining factor.

Learning this skill does not require any experience or knowledge; for our seminars, you just need to pack your zeal to learn and excitement. Our workshop concludes with the basic information of the digital surroundings, an overview of the common notions with various linked examples.

Our Workshop and Seminar will assist a better understanding of digital marketing and its uses to get positive outcomes from the business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be defined as advertising and promotion of any product with digital tech and gadget mediums. It is done mainly through the internet, cell phones, display ads, etc.

Digital marketers, normally, function to make efficient marketing campaigns. Taking a profession in digital marketing usually includes social media SEO or search engine optimization for marketing the goods, services or brand.

Email marketing, website testing, paid ads, video hosting, display retargeting, content writing and programmatic advertising are few social media tools that come in handy for a digital marketer.

Why is it important?

Using the internet has become one of the hobbies of most people. Hence acquiring more customers from online platforms would be more uncomplicated than getting local consumers. By using digital forums, you can have access to a wider audience then you will find in your neighborhood; in an affordable and quantifiable.

Some other advantages of marketing online are:

  • Capability to connect with your potential clients and know what they might need
  • Entry to the worldwide market
  • Reach to more people in less money; opposite of customary marketing approaches
  • Easier understanding of the audience that can proffer better brand loyalty
  • Keep a check of your marketing measures instantly

When small businesses begin their ventures, they turn their focus towards acquiring people’s attention and drag them in. They might even believe in the traditional methods of marketing like coupons, hoarding signs and printed ads.

Practicing these customary ways of creating brand awareness among their clients and other people, can drain out the small business funds and financial resources. In place of this, they should think about entering the digital market and attract prospects online. Not just small firms, any business should think twice before rejecting this marketing space with the consumer from worldwide.

How Is This Program Different?

The amount of enrolled participants is kept less for easier and better practice of the practical experience. Attending our program will give you an overall picture of the effectual usage of digital mediums for your brand awareness and promotion. The learning experience in a quiet private setting will help you retain the best and use that knowledge after the end of the program.


Our main aim is to guide the candidates in the process of familiarizing themselves with the digital market, through various perspectives. You can learn to see the situation through the eyes of a consumer and a businessman. We focus primarily on establishing basic concepts of digital marketing with their hands-on applications.

Who Should Attend

  • Newcomers in Digital Marketing
  • Higher education and College going students
  • Students going for competitive exams
  • Aspirers if a career in digital marketing
  • Aspirants of a profession change
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Job seekers and professional workers
  • Marketing experts.

Basics Introduction

Our Digital Marketing seminars and workshops include giving all necessary knowledge about:

Introduction to Marketing

  • Differences between digital and traditional marketing
  • Handling digital and traditional marketing
  • How to categorize your products and look for consumers
  • Basic guidelines or Digital Marketers
  • Performing targeted Digital marketing
  • Assessing consumer decision making the path
  • Elaborate session on working of websites
  • Summarize explanation of the Web Hosting and Domains
  • Website designing knacks, tricks, and norms
  • Ways to acquire Leads and Conversions
  • Obscures behind Digital Marketing sales
  • Digital Marketing architecture essentials
  • How to formulate Digital Marketing Strategy

A brief overview of the basics of SEO and its techniques will be included as well:

  • Effectual use of SEO tags
  • SEO; video and image use
  • SEO directed blog creation
  • On-Page SEO techniques
  • Off-Page SEO Techniques
  • How to use SEO to make a brand identity
  • Landing Pages; fundamentals and summary
  • Hacks and knacks for getting the site of the first page
  • Confidences on Traffic and Conversions of SEO by blogs

Slight information on SEM or Search Engine Marketing:

  • Working of GoogleAds
  • Functioning with ad campaigns of Google
  • Formation of 2min GoogleAds
  • SEM techniques and their use
  • How to perform analysis of a campaign

Few extra points that will be covered:

  • How to administer online rapport
  • Instruments for Video making and Graphic Designing
  • How to earn with online marketing
  • Various Digital Marketing attestations
  • Ways of attaining certifications on Digital Marketing from Google
  • Trading your services via Digital Markets
  • Freelancing and attracting clients
  • How to begin as a Digital Marketer

How to look for customers and visitors; website performance as well

  • Deriving conclusions from existing data
  • How to keep a check of your progress in sales, visitors, and conversions
  • How to use Web Analytics
  • Web Analytics tools
  • Another important element of Digital Marketing is Web Analytics; our workshop involves a part in the session about:

Lastly, some other subjects of focus would be placed on using Social media, advertising through emails and mobiles, and mobile and influencer marketing; including all their basics and principles.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the seminar or workshop, you will:

  • Know different digital marketing aspects and have complete information about them
  • Be able to get better career options and job opportunities
  • Use these learned skills for expansion of pre-existing business
  • Know about different certification tests