Social Media Trends You Should Know in 2019

Top 5 Social Media Trends

The ever trending social media was principally created to interact with friends and family. No one then thought that social media would become an integral part of marketing, the way it has today.

In this digital age, with brands trying to connect with their target audience across a variety of social media platforms and a deluge of content on a daily basis, it has become ever more difficult for marketers to attract users’ attention and to engage with them.

Every now and then, new social channels, new kind of content and new ways to engage with your audience are developed. Every time a brand engages with its target audience, a new trend is formed.

These trends are generally about the kind of content, and in some cases how that content is conveyed to the target customers.

So here let’s get a sneak peek into the top Social Media trends in 2019

1. Influencer Marketing Will Keep on Growing

One of the top social media trends is Influencer Marketing. Influencers are those people who have a lot of followers on social media owing to specific skills or knowledge that they own and spread to people. Most marketers have the same opinion that influencer marketing on social media will go on to grow.

This also means that brands would lean towards those influencers who have deep and niche knowledge. An important movement, therefore, would be to hire the apt influencer, who would assist to build a long-term relationship and fetch you the best ROI.

Ask marketers, and they would opine that in recent years influencers have grown to become important catalysts for brand marketing.

It goes without saying that, influencers may have to be paid a lot, but for the majority brands, influencer-marketing has continued to become a big success. This is probably to grow further in the years to come.

2. Video Will Continue to Become the Top Choice of Users

In recent times, the content shared by the users on social media was generally in video format. As users prefer video over text and due to the deluge of videos if the first 5 seconds of the video not interesting enough users are more likely to skip the video. Therefore videos should be crisp and compelling right from the start.

Besides normal video, live video content will also for sure grow going forward. According to Facebook, live videos receive more engagement that non-live videos.

3. Larger Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Another social media trend found is the larger use of Augmented and Virtual reality. Augmented Reality on mobile devices is becoming popular day by the day. AR is fast and highly engaging too. Snapchat has collaborated with bitmoji and its new AR feature helps users to project an image into the real world, using the app’s camera. With the help of a parallel feature, a brand could project its product into the houses of its target audience through special filters.

As more people take to AR, social media platforms will soon start introducing AR. Some of the top mobile companies have also come up with implementing AR with talking emojis and some other features.

As for VR, Facebook has already launched a project called “Spaces”, that helps Facebook friends to connect in virtual reality. Marketers are looking at it with a lot of hope and enthusiasm. Facebook already owns Oculus, that makes VR software and headsets. So, the chances of this in-house technology for maximum advantage makes perfect sense.

4. Changing Popularity of Social Media Channels

The status ranking of social media platforms has been varying every few years. That shouldn’t be a surprise as the platform social media is so very dynamic.
For example, in 2012 Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were the giant three; in 2016 Twitter marked a remarkable decline and there was rising of messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp in social media marketing.

Facebook Messenger too has been enjoyed by users and a fan base of over 4 billion is what a range of messaging apps command today, which is greater than the total number of social media users. Due to this great number of users, it would be apt to predict that Messaging apps will play a major role in social marketing this year.

Lately Instagram ‘Stories’ has also gathered remarkable popularity. These success stories are likely to continue in the years to come.

5. More Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Marketing automation tools such as HootSuite, Quun, Buffer etc have been increasingly making it smoother for marketing professionals to handle their social media accounts.

These automation tools can combine channels, create exclusive dashboards to explain audience data and helpful metrics across different social media channels.

Besides more people taking to automation tools, advanced-level automation tools would also find larger usage in the near future.

Artificial intelligence tools, which work with the help of machine learning algorithms, can help in delivering content to specific target segments or even directly to individuals. Certainly, AI has to be supported with quality content.

It goes without saying that the usage and application of AI are more likely to grow by leaps in the near future.



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