The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting internet traffic on search engines.Major search engines are Google,Bing and Yahoo.Currently 1.3B websites present on the internet, SEO helps the people to get the website they are looking for.This consequence of SEO is something that is important for businesses, so in that sense, SEO can be thought
of as a effective marketing technique.

How does SEO Marketing function?

When a person enters a query on Google, Google shows the list of websites relevant to the query. For example, when you search for ‘Chinese food’ the websites that are displayed on top are the ones who have implemented the best SEO practices.
Mainly search engines like Google place web crawlers, which crawl on every website gathering all the information on it, as specified by Google and the ones that match well with the Google algorithm criteria are showing on top. By using these practices, SEO Marketing Companies optimize the ranking of various online portals and businesses. This is the natural way of promoting businesses that raise traffic, boosts lead generation and ultimately increases revenues.

Why should you use SEO Marketing?

SEO practices can provide a large inflow of traffic to your website. A large inflow of traffic is the generation of more leads and better chances of their conversion.It will leads in to more sales taking place. After, when one implements SEO steps then you can catch the benefits of it without spending a time. It is the most cost-effective methods of optimizing the online presence of any business. And also, it gives results that are long-lasting and helps you enjoy great returns.

The key role factors in SEO Marketing

So many factors are depended in the ranking of the search engines , but luckily working on only a few of them can ensure a better ranking for you. So, let us look at those factors and understand how they can help you in ensuring a better online presence-

1.Domain Authority

Domain authority is a calculation of trust that your website has gained based upon some factors such as age and backlinks.
Another major factor that influences the domain authority is the relevance of the domain name with the content it presents.
It has also been observed that domain names which are shorter are flexible by search engines more than the long domain ones.


Keywords is the another important factor for SEO Marketing. The right keywords can be helps to get the right information.
Keyword range from having low to high competition, based upon your keyword category you can use either low, medium or high competition keywords or a mixture of two.
Moreover, if you want to improve your On-page SEO, you can add your keywords in the heading or subtitle of the contents.


Now on days search engines have evolved to become smarter. Then, they can differentiate between sites having apples or oranges.
It will serve you well if you stick to high-quality original content rather than a copied one this is because of search engines can also figure that out.
Sticking to one slot and generating original content will improve your ranking.


When you use relevant links on your website you can expect to get higher points on SEO.
Between inbound and outbound links, the inbound links are more satisfied by search engines.
Again, if the links are of reputed and relevant sources then you can get additional brownie points. One way in which you can protect links from some prestigious sources is through featuring in new sites.

Site Speed

Google prefers a site that loads up quickly.Not only the Google but we also.
If you want to reduce the loading time of your website, you can opt for caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache

Website Design

The best-optimized sites should be clean, responsive and functional. Since currently internet browsing is done in all types of devices, Google also recommend those sites that are compatible enough to load on every device easily.
The good way to optimize your website is having a mobile-friendly website. If you are using WordPress and need to get fast loading of your website on mobiles too, you can opt to install AMP plugin.

URL Structure

When looks to URL structure, search engines recommend the URLs, which are not complicated and easy to understand.
And the URL needs to be descriptive as well as to the point.

Length of the Content

Length of the content is another major factor that influences SEO. It has been found that when website articles or blogs are of greater length they will rank higher.
Google has always prefer long-form content and now in the year 2018, then you can’t expect to rank good if you do not have at least 1500-2000 words in a post.


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