What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is a method by which a digital marketer can increase traffic on a website. The traffic here comprises the number of audiences and also the potential audience which certainly turns into paying customers. The organic traffic is increased via the optimization of the results on the search engine. This optimization would help you to bring genuine traffic from the result page of your search engine.

The popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing have crawlers that keep on checking the popularity of pages and accordingly rank them. These contents are divided based on written content, videos, news and much more. The search results search engines provide are based on two factors, firstly relevancy of the content and secondly rankings of similar content.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Loads of audiences can be attracted by sharing false information like Google shows that you deal in Apple devices, but you are a retail seller of apple fruit. In such a situation if Google shows your page in the search results of apple appliances, then the traffic driven would be of no use, as they have no concern with your business. Here you need to share the information that states the actual purpose of your business so that potential customers could reach you.

If the customers who are coming to your site are the ones who are interested in your business, then having an excess of them is an advantage.

Usually search engine result pages have some coverage of ads as well. If you drive traffic without paying, or without advertising your site, then it is called the natural or the organic traffic.

On-Site SEO

This one is also called on-page SEO. In the training course, we have compiled for you, we have included ways and strategies that one must implement to optimize the elements of a website. The optimization of these elements would help you grab a higher ranking and drive potential traffic to your website. In this portion, we would train you on how to optimize a website via its content as well as the source code of HTML.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO or better known as off-site SEO is a method in which search engine results are optimized by doing activities outside the website.

In this method, the factors that are considered to improve the rankings are the popularity in the viewpoint of users and search engine, dependability on site’s content, relevancy, and authority. These factors are improved by showcasing the business on other well-known platforms of the internet. In other words, it’s done by promoting your website on other reputable platforms.

Search Engine Optimization Methods

The purpose of the SEO is to improvise your web site’s image in front of SEO and convince the search engine that your website provides the best resolution to the user’s concern.

The SEO has to do this as all the search engines want to show accurate content to its users. It also means, maybe the quality of the content on the result pages are not very high, but it is certainly relevant to what the user is looking for. The most important thing you need to remember while doing SEO is the search engine. Our course would help you train yourself in keeping the rankings high of your websites when searches are made of the relevant phrases and keywords.

Understanding and implementing strategies to keep pace with Google ranking is one of the most important things to drive organic traffic. If you are driving traffic to video content, then you must adhere and understand the algorithm of YouTube. In our course, we will train you in understanding the ranking algorithms of multiple popular search engines.

You should also optimize your blogs by adding relevant phrases and keywords that would increase their rankings. No, here we have provided you an introduction to some most important technical terms.

In the course of driving traffic to a site, firstly you need to create its presence on the search engine. The basic method used by Google to explore such content is crawling. Crawling is a method in which Google explore pages via links present on known pages.

It looks quite simple, but is a game-changer. Out of the total searches done on Google, 63% are made through mobile devices. And this percentage is growing continuously. It was the only reason that Google had boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly websites in 2016. Our training program would consist of the strategies you need to implement while doing SEO for your mobile website.

The speed of the page is an important constituent in the rankings of any website. Google mostly pays attention to the satisfaction of its users and more loading time may distract the user, hence Google engine drives relevant results based on the loading speed of the page.

Discovering a relevant keyword for content is not a big deal. Research tools like Ahrefs Keywords will enable you to find keywords relevant to your topic that would increase the volume of your search.

Page Rank is the base of the ranking algorithm of Google. In other words, backlinks on a page act as the votes to determine the rankings.

There is no equality in the backlinks, some are more important and some are not. It is asserted based on the working of Page Ranks.

Quality of the content is the foremost important thing as Google drives pages that consist of useful information for the user. You need to post such content that passes the quality check of Google or the signals. The elements of this quality check are Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Why should you take up this training course?

In our course, we will focus on training you to identify the search terminologies users generally apply and the creation of content that drives ranking on Google search engine. Social media is a nice way to promote a website, but SEO is something that is vital and also is the base of online trade for many businesses.

We have expert guides who will teach you the SEO strategies to enhance the rankings. Our training program consists of practices including research of keywords, analyzing the ranking factors for on-page, discovering links, boost the ranking of the page result analysis.

You can create a great career with this course as nowadays the demand for SEO marketers is increasing day by day. Not only a professional career but if you owe your own business then also you can take profitable benefits of this program.

What You will Learn?