Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course

Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

With thousands of organizations competing for the same baits, advertising online hasn’t had the same importance ever.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the proved effectual methods to expand your business in the ever-growing marketing competition. SEM is done to encourage product sales-marketing and boost business growth.
This marketing tool utilizes the energy of search engines on ideal time and positions to gain access to the potential client group. It can also be called as Paid search ads/Paid advertising and PPC or pay per click.

Few ads are short and text-centered while some like product ads are comparatively more visual. These product ads enable the customers to see crucial information in short like costs and feedback. Though the term covers a broader concept of online marketing; it is focused on search engine marketing only. In this marketing tool, one of the most used and renowned paid search instrument is Google Ads.

It can also use SEO or search engine optimization that corrects and rewrites any content for a website and its structure to attain better ranks in the result page of the search engine to upgrade pay per click lists. SEM training becomes all the more necessary since it is the most efficient marketing instrument for expanding any business; there is no other marketing platform to do this.

Search Engine Marketing

How does SEM Benefits Small Business?

SEM Training

  • Quick brand awareness through the search engines

  • Proffers easy target audience reach

  • A simple income generation process

  • Expands with the business

  • Catches the potential customer on perfect time and place

  • Affordable than customary marketing

  • Provides a competitive benefit

Search Engine Marketing Platforms

Most of the search engines provide ad forums for marketing on search engines. Google Ads, Yahoo search and Bing Ads are few of the top SEM forums that you can use for online marketing. For easier understanding, the process of Google ad auction is briefed below:

Bids are placed on the keywords by the advertisers, which are searched by the users of Google and Bing who are looking for certain services or products. This provides the advertiser with a chance to show their ads on the user screens with the search results.

Before being seen with the search outcomes, all the advertisements first undergo the ad auction procedure (in Google Ads). This process occurs each time a person enters an inquiry in the search tab. For entering the ad auction race, advertisers pick out the keywords they want to bid on and how much will they pay per click to show their ads with the results linked to those keywords.
If Goggle ensures that your requested keyword sync with the user’s query, only then your ad will step into the ad auction. Not all ads are shown are every search; this happens because the ad auction s based on several different factors before showing the ad on SERP. Some of these factors are:

  • A maximum bid can be seen as the highest amount the advertiser wishes to be paid per click (PPP).
  • Quality score is a score which is assigned to the comprehensive quality of the ad

During the ad auction, Google sums up these factors to decide the position of the ads; this result sum is called the Ad rank.

Search Engine Marketing Courses

The SEM training choosers go though all necessary valuation-based learning procedure that includes practical assignments and projects, live sessions with specialist instructors, and Central government authorized courses. If you are looking for the best Search Engine Marketing Course in Kochi then Digimark Digital Academy is your solution.

What will you learn in this training course?

With the ever-expanding marketing ways and the influence of digital marketing makes SEM training important for all the firms; this opens new job opportunities for aspirers.

Our affirmed course for SEM certification involves in-detail research on PPC, Google AdWords, optimization, etc. With all the practical projects you can have plenty of information to comprehend the industrial demands of online marketing strategies:

  • SEM: Introduction

  • How to select the perfect keyword?

  • Types of keywords and their importance

  • Introduction to PPC

  • Process of setting ad campaigns

  • Structural requirements of advertising campaigns

  • Metrics: Testing the performance

  • How to make versatile, Video ads and slip-test campaigns

  • Features of Google AdWords

  • Google Display Network

Who Should Take Up SEM Training?

Our Search Engine Marketing Course in Kochi is open for students who wish to make their career in or are interested in the digital marketing and analytics field.

Why Should You Take Up This Training?

At present, most of the economy is controlled by the digital market of products and services. Hence, it necessitates the presence of any business on an online forum to draw in the clientele. With the growing online vying, most firms are open to hiring fresh minds with modern trend knowledge and those who can help in promoting their businesses in the networking world. Students with authorized SEM training are prepared for surviving this competition and fulfill the duties of SEM domains.

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